DIY Sparkly Wine Glass Attempt!

For my next project I decided to try something I have never done before….a sparkly wine glass! I have been seeing them all over Pinterest and always thought they looked cute. However, I am not very crafty so I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to attempt it. Then I found this super easy sparkly wine glass tutorial and decided to give it a shot!

First, buy a clear wine glass. They have really cheap ones at Hobby Lobby and I even found one for $1 at HEB!

Next, you need 3 simple items:

1. Mod Podge (you can get at Hobby Lobby or any craft store!)

2. A paint brush

3. Glitter – choose any color!


First, you want to tape off the section of the glass you want to glitter. After you do that, apply the first coat of mod podge and glitter. Apply a second coat of mod podge to seal the glitter to the glass. You can repeat this steps as many times as you would like, but I would recommend doing it at least twice. Then, let it dry. The hardest part for me was removing the tape after the mod podge had dried. Sometimes, some of the glitter would start to tear off, but it it very easy to fix. Stick the glitter back onto the glass and mod podge over it and no one will ever be able to tell!


This project was so fun and easy I made several more glasses for my friends and everyone loved them!


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