My first Pinterest fail…

I really have been surprising myself with doing so well with my Pinterest projects. I never thought I could be crafty or learn to cook more than eggs and I’m so glad that I’ve learned there is hope out there for me. Then my next project happened…and I remembered why I (use to) hate crafting. I have seen these beautiful wine bottle vases all over Pinterest and have been dying to try to make one! The wine glass turned out so well I thought I would give the vase a shot. I couldn’t find exact instructions on Pinterest for what I wanted to try, so I decided to just go for it. The only thing I could find was vases for sale. I soon found out why…

I started out my trying to remove the wine label from the bottle. First, I used hot water and soap and tried scrubbing it. That barely removed any of it. Next, I decided to soak the wine bottle in the sink full of hot water and soap. I let it sit for 30 minutes then tried to scrub the label off. This worked a little better, but still some of the sticky glue would NOT come off!


Next, I started to paint it. My plan was to paint the entire vase pink. I put 3 coats on the vase but it still did not look like it was covered in paint. I decided to let it dry to see if it looked better. I let it dry for 30 minutes, but when I went to pick it up the dried paint just rubbed off. I painted over it and decided to continue.


The next step was adding paint and glitter to the vase. My plan was to put a really cute stencil I found on top of the vase and then cover it with glitter.


That did not work! It looked awful. Then I tried to only do a strip of the stencil on the vase and trace it in white puffy paint.


It. looked. terrible. I hated it. It was a good try, but it did not look like anything I wanted. The vase ended up in the trash can.

Even though this was my first Pinterest fail I’m going to keep trying!


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